Sensibles Sanitary Bags



Did you know most schools do not have waste bins in individual bathroom stalls? This means menstrual care items like tampons, panty liners and sanitary pads are handled more than necessary or worse—disposed of in plumbing systems that can’t support it.


Scensibles offer an easy, hygienic option when your tween needs to dispose of sanitary care items. The small bag—measuring 9.75” x 3.5”—accommodates a variety of feminine care products, is made with 20% recycled plastic and helps inhibit odors in waste bins. The individual bags are folded for easy dispensing of one bag at a time.

When you purchase a Back-to-School Mini Kit on August 15th, you will receive a free package of Scensibles. 


What’s inside?


Discreetly designed hygiene bags