Welcome to RedDrop. This is our story.

We are the first feminine hygiene brand designed specifically to empower school age tweens. Research shows and parents know that during puberty, they need more than just a pad. RedDrop provides the products our tweens need and the support their parents can use, to grow strong women.

RedDrop empowers every tween. From the inside, out.

Where it all started

One of our co-founders, Dana Roberts, has been an educator for over 20 years. A few years ago, she was teaching a class, entirely of 5th grade tweens. And, believe it or not, half of the tweens began their period in Dana's class, except her daughter Sterling (see them pictured with Kymani on the left, Dana in the middle, and sister Sterling on the right).

That year, Dana made a decision for her daughters and for all tweens in her care that there would be a better selection of products that met the needs of a young tween's body, mind, and spirit. And furthermore that she would develop tools and grow a community that made parents, coaches, caregivers of tweens smarter and more courageous about making a tween's transition into womanhood a truly empowering rite of passage -- not a "condition" to overcome or just deal with.

Dana stitched together cute handbags for the tweens in her class. Each bag contained all the products a tween starting her period had to have. The tweens called it their "First Purse."
As an educator and a mother of two daughters, Dana had unique insight into exactly how to prepare and empower tweens. Dana often says, “All tweens need to be armed with information, with preparation, and with products. We have to show them that we're out here to make sure they're okay.” That's why at RedDrop, it is our purpose to care for and empower every tween from the inside, out.

Now...we're the Moms of RedDrop

It wasn't obvious for all of us!

Another of our co-founders, Monica Williams, and family friend of Dana, had an infant daughter at the time of Dana's epiphany.

Dana would share these tear jerking, wonderful stories to Monica about the "First Purse." Monica always thought to herself, "this is so brilliant, I wish I had that as a teen," but then pause. With her own daughter only 1 year old at that time, first periods seemed so far away. In Monica's imagination, her daughter would never have a period. So, silly to think about preparation or products, right? Now, 10 years later, Mackenzie is starting to grow-up in real life AND Monica's imagination!

That’s when Monica started looking into just how to prepare her daughter, and herself. Immediately, she was overwhelmed by the number and kinds of products stacked on long store shelves. And then she would get frustrated (maybe even a bit scared) when she came up short. There was nothing for her daughter.

Let’s take a closer look at what this means.

Tweens, moms, dads... very often teachers, coaches, school nurses and camp counselors... we have to figure it out, on our own, nearly every time.

When you consider that tweens have something like a "first-period" for 6-12 months after they start, not knowing how heavy, how long, what color the next period will be. Monica took it personally that nothing really existed specifically for tweens like her daughter. So she made it a personal mission to build a business that would fix the problem.

At RedDrop, we know that school age tweens need more than a pad. So, we are here for them and the people who care for them.

Designed with love, from ATL.

Every RedDrop product is designed with the school age tween in mind, the tweens we grew up with in Atlanta. A tween with an active mind, body, and spirit. A tween who's focused on class work, practice, homework, family, and fun. We create for a tween on a mission.