"We believe that the journey into womanhood should be a positive and empowering experience. RedDrop is committed to providing not just products but also a supportive community that helps tweens navigate this important phase of their lives with confidence and grace."--Dana Roberts

Our Story

Co-founder Dana Roberts worked as an educator for over 20 years. One year while teaching 5th grade, half of the girls started their period in her class! Unfortunately, most of them were scared and unprepared. So, she decided to stitch together cute handbags to create a “first purse” for these tweens. Each bag contained everything they needed when starting their period. 

Dana realized there was a gap in the market for tween period products and education, and she wanted to create a solution that would help all girls, including her own daughters. She began talking with her close friend Dr. Monica Williams, then a new mom, about partnering on launching a brand to empower, educate, and support tweens (and their caregivers!) on their transition into puberty. Together, they launched RedDrop, with a mission to normalize periods and period preparation for tweens and their families.

RedDrop empowers every tween. From the inside, out.