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 Here's a chance for the dad in your life to be more prepared and comfortable with their tween's period. Whether it's the first period or not, dads can feel uncomfortable and unprepared when "that time of the month" comes. RedDrop is here to help.

In this series, our puberty expert, Telisha breaks down the stigma and the mystery behind periods in a basic and fun way, including vocabulary words and insider tips.

In addition to the videos, you will also receive:
1 I.R.L kit (specify size 1 or size 2), with 3 pads and 2 wipes
1 necklace
1 RedDrop Moment educational pamphlet

What's included in the 3-part on-demand video series:
  • Part 1: Basic Anatomy of the Female Body. Telisha will walk you through what is happening inside and outside of your tweens body as they prepare for or have their first period. She explains the where, what and why of periods as well as some simple ways to predict it is nearing and when to expect it again.

  • Part 2: Emotional Changes in Your Tween and How to Support Them. Telisha covers the emotional experience your tween may be having as they prepare for their first period and some of the key steps you can take to show you support and are here to help. She also covers PMS, what it is and what it isn't.

  • Part 3: Health and Period Care: Here, Telisha will walk through the different types of period products, how they are used, and ways to help your tween choose the one that is best. She then covers some of the unpredictable moments of navigating a period and how to help your tween feel prepared when the unexpected happens.
Size Notes:
Size 1 IRL kits pad sizes: 2 DayFlow Pads, 1 NightFlow pad
Size 2 IRL kit pad sizes: 2 NightFlow Pads, 1 Maximum pad

What to expect: the videos will arrive as links in your order confirmation email, the products will be mailed from our California warehouse and you will receive tracking for the package via email.

add a pair of underwear to the IRL kit so that your tween has clean undies to change into when their period starts

Size 1:
great for small beginners
2 - 7 inch pads (FlowDay)
1 - 9.5 inch pad (FlowNight)
2 Feminine Wipes

Size 2:
great for small but heavy bleeders
2 - 9.5 inch pads (FlowNIght)
1 - 11.25 inch pad (MaximumFlow)
2 Feminine Wipes

What’s inside?


Basic Anatomy of the Female Body


Emotional Changes in Your Tween and How to Support Them


Health and Period Care Tips