Period Kit


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The RedDrop Period Kit contains everything a girl needs for the moment her cycle begins. We'll ship the following pieces directly to your door, packaged to remind her that she's special:


  • 30 Everyday Pads for daily useĀ 
  • 14 FlowDay Pads for heavy flow days
  • 14 FlowNight Pads for a comfortable night's sleep
  • 12 Feminine Wipes individually wrapped for easy carry
  • 1 Hand Bag to discreetly carry it all
  • 1 Special Gift just for her


No need to select a size or level of absorbency. We pack each option she'll need, so she's ready for whatever life throws at you both.

Our products are NOT organicā€¦because our research concluded that organic products do not absorb as well and are not the best option for tweens who do not have the same freedom of movement and space that grown-ups have because they are in school. That being said, our products do not contain chemicals, bleach, dyes or unnecessary fragrances.

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