Everything else you buy her is tween-size; why not her period products?

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re hereto help

What is the difference between these two kits?

The Period Prep Kit includes 1 pack of wipes, period underwear, and other goodies. The IRL Kit includes 3 loose pads and 2 wipes.

How often should you change your period underwear?

These period underwear have light - moderate absorbency. So if you wear these without a pad, be prepared to change them as you would a regular absorbency pad.

When can period underwear be used, during sports or during the school-day only?

Period underwear can certainly be used anytime that a pad would be used: sports, daytime or nighttime use. Do not use them with swimwear or in the place of swimwear.
How to put on a period pad?
Follow our easy step-by-step guide (there's a handy QR code on the IRL kit) and never have trouble changing your pads again!

How long will this sale last?

Our International Day of the Girl sale will only last the 24 hours of October 11, 2023. There will be no extensions.

What makes RedDrop pads and products different?

RedDrop was consciously created by women for today's tweens. Founded in 2019 by a educator and a physician, we believe that the kind of period products matter. Preparation is also crucial for a smooth experience and long term wellbeing of our girls.
What do I need?
A positive attitude and great RedDrop period supplies will take you a long way towards helping to prepare your tween! Start having conversations about her changing body early and she will feel she can trust and rely on you for ongoing support as she goes through the many transformations women encouter.
Can I wash my period underwear in the washing machine?
Yes, you can! Use a normal setting on your machine and mild detergent.

For longer use, air dry your period underwear. If you machine dry them, expect that their lifecycle may be a bit shorter.
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