Period Kit & Class Bundle
Period Kit & Class Bundle
Period Kit & Class Bundle
Period Kit & Class Bundle
Period Kit & Class Bundle

Period Kit & Class Bundle

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Have a tween and worry about how to answer puberty-related questions? Not quite sure how to explain the biology behind puberty? Want to support your daughter on her period journey, but you need support in doing so? Then this on-demand class is for you and your tween!
This class will:

* Make those hard conversations more manageable and more informative

* Provide puberty resources and expertise for you and your family

* Provide a live demonstration on how to use a pad

* Identify symptoms and predictors of a period

* Provide instructional videos and demonstrations on how to use a tampon

This class will inform and empower you and your tween on their period journey. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We honor and appreciate your support of RedDrop.



How Does it Work?
Once you purchase, you will receive the series along with eight beautifully printed cards with information thoughtfully tailored for your middle-school-aged daughter. Each card is designed to accompany a specific video in the series with a more in-depth discussion about each topic.
  • Getting to Know Your Body
  • What to Expect with your First Period
  • Do Periods Hurt?
  • Using Pads for Period Protection
  • Pads, pads, pads - all kinds of period supplies explained
  • Period Surprises and Accidents
  • How to Use a Tampon
  • Predicting your Periods


The RedDrop Period Kit contains everything a girl needs for the moment her cycle begins. We'll ship the following pieces directly to your door, packaged to remind her that she's special:



No need to select a size or level of absorbency. We pack each option she'll need, so she's ready for whatever life throws at you both.

Our products are NOT organic…because our research concluded that organic products do not absorb as well and are not the best option for tweens who do not have the same freedom of movement and space that grown-ups have because they are in school. That being said, our products do not contain chemicals, bleach, dyes or unnecessary fragrances.


Mom has most of the answers...
Did you know as of 2020, only 26 states mandated health education? What your mom learned decades ago may not have been enough to have provided all of the answers you needed. Avoid making uncomfortable internet searches to figure out what to say. We consolidate all of that into one place for you!
We instill trust that prepares tweens for the road ahead.
A young woman’s first period is a significant event, and being prepared takes a great deal of confidence. During this time, the most important thing to her is knowing she has someone there to support her — a relationship she can trust. From puberty to all-out womanhood, we provide the products to meet those unique and delicate needs while staying committed to innovation, so we can continuously deliver on that promise.
The way we see it, trust is rooted in our ability to deliver reliable products to navigate life. So we assume a responsibility to build the trust that builds confidence. And by trusting us, they begin to believe in themselves.
The result? A "normalized" first-period and puberty experience, more self-confidence, and stronger self-esteem.

Customer Reviews

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Veronica Rollins

Awesome. Only thing missing is pain relieve😃

Great value

Got for my daughter. She is worried about not being ready. She’s ready now

Feel great about your period! ;)

My daughter is 11 years old and got her first period. She freaked out. I ordered her this kit plus a few books to read about getting your period. She loved this!!! It was perfect and age appropriate. I told my sister about it and actually ordered a second one for her daughter.

theresa mitchell
Be prepared

This was for my niece when she starts her cycle so I’m sure she will use it when the time comes.

Heather Phillips

This is the best thing ever! Wish they had these growing up, had everything she needed for her first time and made the talk so much easier. Thank you thank you

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