Period Prep Class 101


Have a tween and worry about how to answer puberty-related questions? Not quite sure how to explain the biology behind puberty? Want to support your daughter on her period journey, but you need support in doing so? Then this on-demand class is for you and your tween!
This class will:

- Make those hard conversations more manageable and more informative;

- Provide puberty resources and expertise for you and your family

- Provide a live demonstration on how to use a pad

- Identify symptoms and predictors of a period

- Provide instructional videos and demonstrations on how to use a tampon

This class will inform and empower you and your tween on their period journey. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 
How Does it Work?
Once you purchase, you will receive the learning series in your order summary email along with eight beautiful digital cards (physical cards will not be delivered) with information thoughtfully tailored for your middle-school-aged daughter. Each card is designed to accompany a specific video in the series with a more in-depth discussion about each topic.
  • Getting to Know Your Body
  • What to Expect with your First Period
  • Do Periods Hurt?
  • Using Pads for Period Protection
  • Pads, pads, pads - all kinds of period supplies explained
  • Period Surprises and Accidents
  • How to Use a Tampon
  • Predicting your Periods

What’s inside?


Digital Class about periods & puberty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lillian Jones
Very informative

A really nice, in depth way for your daughter to get introduced into womanhood


A great way to introduce your daughter to periods when you yourself are struggling to do so (I'm a single father)

Me and my daughter liked it

Really nice, fun and informative

Jeremy O.

perfect for preteen


Made the introduction to womanhood alot easier.