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Everything a tween needs to prepare for her period


Growing community to end period poverty

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You wanna know why RedDrop?

Because we are growing strong women and that starts with supporting tweens and their parents with the best products, information they can use, and a growing community that prepares and celebrates every tween.

Periods are natural and necessary, but most women look back on their first period experience with some mix of dread and embarrassment. Around the globe, tweens are regularly unprepared for their period, even feel stigmatized for having it. And if you think that doesn't have a lasting effect on how a tween sees herself and how she lives her life...

Together, we will empower every tween. From the inside, out.

What others are saying

I ordered this kit preemptively. We went over everything when it came in and she felt more confident and comfortable with knowing more about what to expect. The day came and we were prepared. It made it so much easier! She is now in need of a refill. I bought store brand teens size just in case until I can order a refill. Thank you ax’s a Million for making growing up a bit better!

Heather, Mom of 1

“I was a little worried about using a new brand, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pads, they fit so much better than the ones at the store and there is absolutely no smell.”


“Great product. Good quality. Fast delivery and nice customer service.”


"I wasn't expecting for the Code Red Kit to be so handy. It's cute and discreet and it has everything I need and it fits easily almost everywhere: my dad's [house], my backpack, my dance bag.”


"This is a must buy for parent/guardian of elementary or middle school girls. RedDrop pads are the perfect size for younger girls, unlike the pads at the store."


“I feel like I know Dana, from watching the Sunday Empower Her talks to the RedDrop Minutes on FB. I know she means what she says. Y'all really tell it straight. We have to take care of our girls!”

Barbara, mom of 1

We received the red drop kit in the mail and I promptly gave it to my daughter who is of age and may start at any time. We went over the products they included but they had a little info card in there. She picked a pair of underwear to add to the emergency kit and put her products away after we talked about them. I definitely recommend this kit for girls!

Anna Rosemond

Fortunately for us we had purchased this kit and had the cute bag with items inside her backpack. I was sure it wouldn't happen this year!! She's 10!! I was 15!! This was perfect and the school nurse was very impressed with her. Thank you so much for contributing in making this a positive experience!! We are ordering refills today. They were the most comfortable to her. I am telling everyone about RedDrop!

Jennie and Miranda Jordan

I love that these are small but not too thin like a panty liner. They fit very nicely in underwear and are perfect for my daughter to use. I bought tons of products at Target labeled for Teens and they were all huge. These are perfect.


My daughter was so excited to open this kit. While she has not yet started she feels secure knowing she has everything she needs when the time comes. She keeps the little bag in her backpack. Thank you guys so much for this!

Natacha Scott

So thankful my order, that was impacted by the back order, arrived JUST in time. Based on mom instinct I ordered back before Christmas, just after her 12th birthday, thankfully our ordered arrived just ONE week to the day before we needed it. Great products for a small sized tween!


I ordered a kit months ago in preparation on our 9 and 11 year olds. Well our 9 year old started the week we received these! The kit was perfect, the size of the pads were perfect and the period pass for school is genius! Our kids have 2 homes and my daughter asked me to order more as she preferred red drop products to the store brand she uses at her other parents house.


Things To Know About Us

We're not organic, on purpose

Remember when you were in middle school, how hard it was to get outta class? Organic pads can get damp if not changed frequently. We designed our pads to be safe, clean, and comfortable, reducing emergency runs to the restroom.

She gets the best quality

Our products do NOT contain bleach, added fragrances, alcohol or nasty chemicals of any kind. They're perfect for a tween's delicate skin.

We put our girls first

We are committed to giving families the best products, the best price, ease, and best in class customer service. We respond to all inquires within 24 hours and will make sure you have a pleasurable experience shopping with us!