The Period & Puberty Edition

RedDrop + Rebel Girls. A new book about Growing up Powerful

We partnered to create an informative and empowering book   supporting your conversations around puberty and periods. For a limited time, we are pairing this book with our unique period tracker and sticker set.

The Conversation Starts Here

A must-have resource to cover puberty, periods, a variety of changes in the body and how to feel empowered through it all.

Tailored to Your Tween

Our book provides informative and empowering information that is written for your tween and addresses the questions and issues most important to them.

Colorful and Accessible

This book includes more than just valuable health information, it features common scenarios, questions from real tweens and a link to the Rebel Girls podcast, all brought together with bold and colorful illustrations.

Intentional and Informative Content

This edition covers everything from periods, pads and pimples, to the multitude of changes and choices that puberty brings. The overall message focuses on ways to feel empowered throughout the transition and just be you. 

Great Conversation Starter

Growing Up Powerful is a great resource for your tween to read independently, with an older sibling or together with you. All helping to support an important conversation. 

Our Mission is Simple: We make products for tweens, not grown-ups.

RedDrop Empowers Every Tween. From the Inside Out.

RedDrop was founded in my classroom over 20 years ago, and I realized girls and families needed support in education and appropriately sized products for their period journeys. Across our country we are witnessing courageous conversations being muted about the science of our bodies. At RedDrop we believe that education equals empowerment. Together with Rebel Girls we have created this valuable book which teaches about the science of the body, puberty, period preparation and empowerment and many key aspects of growing up powerful.  This is one way at RedDrop to ensure that a period only ends a sentence on paper and never mutes a needed conversation. We are confident you and your tween will enjoy this book and find it as valuable as we do!

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The Drop Period Prep Kit + Growing Up Powerful book


RedDrop's exciting new collaboration with Rebel Girls give us all more information and a fun way to break the ice with your tween about important puberty related concepts. When paired with the Period Prep Kit, the package provides a great start to almost every household.

Period Prep Kit was purposely designed to provide another way for caregivers to support and care for their child's early periods whether that is at school or at home, this prep kit provides more than just pads to help her feel more prepared.

We believe that by including menstrual products in their school supplies, a caregiver can ensure their child is prepared for any unexpected or early menstruation. It helps avoid a potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable situation for the child.

This kit includes our most popular pads: FlowDay pads, a pair of period underwear, a bathroom pass, 5 hygiene wipes, a fillable emergency bag, and a period tracker + the Rebel Girls "Growing Up Powerful" book! 



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Growing Up Powerful Book + Period Tracker


Empower Your Tween with "Growing Up Powerful" 

Is your daughter approaching a significant milestone in her life, the onset of her first period? Are you searching for a way to help her navigate this crucial journey with confidence, understanding, and grace? Look no further! "Growing Up Powerful" is the comprehensive guide you've been waiting for.

🌸 Embrace the Transformation:

Puberty and the arrival of a girl's first period can be a time of confusion, anxiety, and countless questions. "Growing Up Powerful" provides the support and knowledge to help girls understand and embrace this transformative phase of their lives.

👧 A Compassionate Companion:

Our book is designed to be a trusted companion for tweens. It speaks directly to them, addressing their concerns, fears, and curiosities with a gentle, reassuring voice. It offers guidance on what to expect and how to adapt to these changes.

🌼 Educational and Informative:

With accurate, easy-to-understand information about the biological, emotional, and social aspects of menstruation, "Growing Up Powerful" empowers girls to take charge of their own well-being. It offers essential knowledge for healthier, happier transitions into adolescence.

💖 Promote Self-Confidence:

This book isn't just about periods; it's about empowering girls to feel confident and self-assured as they grow. It includes stories of resilience, self-love, and understanding to inspire girls to embrace their unique journeys with courage and pride.

🌟 A Valuable Resource for Parents:

As a parent, you want to be the guiding light for your child during these pivotal moments. "Growing Up Powerful" equips parents with valuable insights, conversation starters, and tips on how to create an open and supportive environment for their daughters.

📚 Order Now and Prepare Your Daughter for a Beautiful Journey:

"Be the guiding light your daughter needs with 'Growing Up Powerful.' Order now and receive an exclusive bonus period tracker and sticker set.

🔒 Our Commitment:

We're dedicated to providing an invaluable resource to empower your daughter during this crucial transition. If you're not completely satisfied with "Growing Up Powerful," we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Prepare your daughter for a graceful, confident, and informed entry into womanhood. Order "Growing Up Powerful" today, and together, let's celebrate this beautiful journey!


We offer FREE shipping on all orders over $29.99, straight to your home!

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The book is 64 pages long.


This depends on which bundle you select: if you choose the bundle with the Period Prep Kit, you will receive our DayFlow pads that are super thin and about 7 inches long. If you choose the bundle with the IRL Kit you will receive 3 pads; 2 of them will be about 7 inches long and 1 pad will be about 9 inches long.


If you select the bundle with the Period Prep Kit, you will receive 1 pair of sustainable reusable period underwear. If you select the bundle with the IRL, you will not receive any period underwear.


Please carefully check the size chart and the video, the underwear are a blend of children's and juniors sizes to accommodate the widest range of tween size possible. We have a strict no return policy with period underwear, so please take your time selecting a size.


We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we’re proud to offer a 30-day money back guarantee, however there is a strict NO RETURN policy with period underwear. If you’re not happy with other RedDrop products (other product than period underwear), then you can send back the product for a full refund or exchange. To start your refund or exchange, please contact Please note that your item must be unused and in the same condition in which you received it, including original packaging. This policy is only valid within 30 days from the receipt of your product.


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