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Meet The RedDrop Period Kit

The Only Tween Specialized Period Kit On The Internet


Meet The RedDrop Period Kit

Period Kit Features

The Only Tween Specialized Period Kit On The Internet

Discreetly Packaged

Packaging that’s cute, discreet & easy to carry around.

Leak Proof Materials

Materials that guarantee long-term absorption for school days.

Sized Exclusive Tweens

Our products are sized for tweens only - it fits their bodies & underwear.

3 Different Pad Types

3 different types of absorption - for the day, for the night & for extra irregular days.

Everything In One Kit

Everything you & your tween need in one single kit - from pads to wipes.

Fully Chemical-Free

No bleach, fragrances, alcohol or chemicals of any kind.


Your Tween Doesn’t Deserve Oversized & Uncomfortable Pads.

No one’s really ready for their first period. Especially young girls that don’t have the necessary products available to them.

Not only are they confused, scared and clueless about what’s happening to them, but they’re also forced to hide it from the world and pretend that everything is okay.

Well, no more. We’re here to empower young girls with information and products for them and only them.


Your Tween Doesn’t Deserve Oversized & Uncomfortable Pads.

All of our products are made and sized with an active, middle school tween in mind.

We take care of her comfort with different sizing, we leak-proof the pads for longer school days & we empower with clear, easy instructions on entering womanhood.

Getting your period is nothing to be scared or ashamed of. It’s a rite of package that simply requires some information & the right supplies!


Why Reddrop Does It Better.

Your tween is our first priority.

No More Emergency Runs To The Restroom

Our pads are designed to be safe, clean, comfortable, and lasting throughout the school day

Completely Chemical Free

You will NOT find any chemicals, bleach, added fragrances or other harmful chemicals in RedDrop products.

We Put The Tweens First

We are committed to giving families the best products, the best price & the best in class customer service.


Why Choose RedDrop?

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Dede Renee

I encountered these pads on Black in eCom and promptly purchased them due to the adverse effects of chemical-laden alternatives on my cramps. The transition to these pads resulted in a marked improvement; my body adapted well, leading to reduced discomfort during my menstrual cycle. Notably, these pads have a non-bulky, comfortable design. I highly advocate considering these pads for your tweens or teens, as they’re better than other options I have previously tested.


Great prep kit for tweens.

Pads as advertised, other products lacking

The main reason I made the purchase I did was so my daughter could have a small zipper bag to carry her supplies in at school.

The zipper bag pictured on the website looks to be some sort of cloth, with an actual zipper. The bag received is actually a flat plastic ziploc-style bag and will absolutely not survive multiple uses.

While the pads and wipes seem to be what I had expected, I have to say I’m genuinely disappointed that the photo of what is included is not accurate, as I’d have saved the money and just purchased the pads.

Photo on left is from the photo on website I was expecting. Photo on right is the ziploc I received.


I love this product. But mostly importantly my daughter loves it. The period kit was extremely helpful in preparing my little girl. I just recently bought more products and I will continue to do so. We are permanent customers. I recommend this company to all women with daughters.

Best products!

I've ordered several times and have always been very please with the products, speedy and accurate delivery, and great deals! This company is wonderful and I will definitely keep ordering from them, and will keep telling other friends w/tweens and teens about the great products and service.


Big Refill Kit



Everything needed to refill your period kit!


Everyday Pads for daily use


FlowDay Pads for heavy flow days


FlowNight Pads for comfortable nights


Feminine wipes, individually wrapped

Designed with love, from ATL.

Every RedDrop product is designed with the school age tween in mind, the tweens we grew up with in Atlanta, GA. A tween with an active mind, body, and spirit. A tween who’s focused on class work, practice, homework, family, and fun. We create for a tween on a mission.