Girl Power Kit



Our Girl Power Kits equip a girl with everything she needs for a day at school.

We recommend adding a pair of panties so that she can clean-up any accident, throw away her bloody panties, and stay composed during challenging academic days and even more challenging middle school social periods.


What’s inside?


Everyday Pads for daily use


FlowDay Pads for heavy flow days


Feminine Wipes, individually wrapped

Made For All Super Tweens

RedDrop cares for tweens. From the inside, out.

Includes Everything You Need

No more unnecessary trips to the store

Quick & Easy Delivery

Free domestic shipping on orders over $39.99

Our Customers Come First

30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee on all purchases!

Why Choose RedDrop?

Products designed & sized especially for tweens

Functional products that keep you both prepared for everything

No bleach, fragrances, alcohol or chemicals of any kind

Materials that guarantee long-term absorption for school

Beautifully and individually packaged products

Let's Compare

vs Other pads

Sized specially for tweens

Sized for all women

Chemical, fragrance & alcohol-free

Full of chemicals

Trustworthy absorption to limit bathroom breaks

Limited absorption that only lasts a short time

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
farmer, shelley
still hasn't arrived

I have not received this package.

Hi Shelley - thanks for your review, the product you ordered (the $1 donation kits) are not priced or designed to be shipped to your home. The description clearly says this.

This product provides a way for our at-home customers to help girls-in-need in our network. We consolidate 1s and 2s into boxes of 100 and then donate them to organizations who support girls and give the products away.

However, it seems that you missed the description, and are not interested in making the donation, so I am happy to refund you. Thanks so much for your support.

Just as described

Nice package. Daughter and friend loves it

Harold K.

Nice starter kit to keep in her backpack

Easy to carry

Great value

Peace of mind

Perfect - in my daughter's backpack just in case...gave me some peace of mind.