Period Kit


The RedDrop Period Kit contains a variety of pads and everything a girl needs for the moment her cycle begins, packaged to remind her that she’s special.

No need to select a size or level of absorbency - we pack a variety of pads in 3 sizes, so she’s ready for whatever life throws at you both.

What’s inside?


Everyday Pads for daily use


FlowNight Pads for comfortable nights


FlowDay Pads for heavy flow days


Feminine Wipes, individually wrapped


Hand Bag to discreetly carry it all


Special Gift just for her

Made For All Super Tweens

RedDrop cares for tweens. From the inside, out.

Includes Everything You Need

No more unnecessary trips to the store

Quick & Easy Delivery

Free domestic shipping on orders over $39.99

Our Customers Come First

30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee on all purchases!

Why Choose RedDrop?

Products designed & sized especially for tweens

Functional products that keep you both prepared for everything

No bleach, fragrances, alcohol or chemicals of any kind

Materials that guarantee long-term absorption for school

Beautifully and individually packaged products

Let's Compare

vs Other pads

Sized specially for tweens

Sized for all women

Chemical, fragrance & alcohol-free

Full of chemicals

Trustworthy absorption to limit bathroom breaks

Limited absorption that only lasts a short time

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Period Kit

Contains everything a girl needs for the moment her cycle begins.

58 pads, 12 feminine wipes, bag + secret gift


Big Refill Kit

Everything needed to fully refill your Period Kit.

30 Everyday, 14 day, 14 night pads & 10 wipes


FlowDay Pads

Our FlowDay Pads are made for her to wear throughout the school day.

14 FlowDay pads


Everyday Pads

Everyday Pads are perfect for inconsistent “in-between” period days.

30 Everyday pads


Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Whitney Creath
I am that Mom! :)

Did I watch "Turning Red" with tears running down my face? Yes, I did.
Did I panic when "Aunt Flo" came to visit someone in my care when I was now the adult in the room? Externally, no. Internally, the only image popping into my head was the Mom grabbing Tylenol, a heating pad, and every type of menstrual sanitary item within reach.

Red Drop not only gave us the needed items but also sent them in discreet packaging, with no visible blaring red alarms in this place. No way! The zippered carry pouch is the right size for a backpack and fits small hands.

Thank you, Red Drop, for your excellent products, fantastic customer service, and mission to empower and normalize a difficult time in life.

Regina Foster
Very Thoughtful Box

My 8 year old was devastated when one of her friends started her period in school. I would hate for that to happen to her and she not be prepared. She was so excited by all the things she received in this box, expecially the extra pad to give to a friend if that happened again.

Joanne Pipitone

Period Kit

Jen Godlesky
Very nice product

My daughter's packs arrived without the period tracker and stickers, which I thought she might be excited about. I wonder if these could be sent after the fact, when they are in stock again? Generally she was excited about the kit, interested, and it produced some good conversation about what to expect when she gets her period. Thanks for making a kit geared toward young girls!

Raquel Montoya

So the entire period tracker with stickers was missing for my kit! Was I alerted? Yes BUT not till after I had paid and my items were well on their way ….I am extremely disappointed and hope they either resolve the issue for me or change their listing

Hi Raquel - the period tracker and stickers are NOT a part of the kit, you received everything that is/should be included. We typically also send a sheet of sticker and period tracker with EVERY order, however when we are out, we do continue to ship orders, since these items are not paid-for and thus not 'missing.'