By Monica Williams

Nightmare First Period

My sixth grader and I are working together on her SSAT prep. Somedays it goes great, and somedays...not so great. Her favorite part of the prep is the essay portion. The practice gives them the steps to a good essay and then practice prompts.
She has gone through all of the practice essay prompts. So today she made up her own. She enjoys creative writing, and she has been walking the RedDrop journey with us all, so I wasn't surprised with her subject matter. But I definitely wanted to share - our mission is truly that this won't happen to any girl. Please help us (and forgive the absolute lack of capitalization and punctuation; its still a work in-progress!).

As the girl crept behind her classroom door to get to the bathroom, the teacher caught her and asked where she was off-to. She quietly said “to the bathroom,” as she looked at her pants in despair. The teacher chuckled and told her that she “knows the rules, no bathroom while he is teaching.” She took a deep breath and said softly “I’m on my period.” The teacher replied and said “say that louder.” She was wasting time, the blood ran down her leg and stained her brightly colored yellow leggings.

“I’m on my period!” She screamed. The whole class stopped writing and looked at her. They all saw the red streak on her leggings and started laughing. The teacher quickly said in a soft voice “go clean yourself up.” As soon as he said that she ran out of the door and hurried herself into the bathroom and started to cry. “How could he” she yelled “how could he!”