By Dana Roberts

Brown Middle School & RedDrop

Brown Girls love STEM, RedDrop does too! 

We were grateful for the opportunity granted by the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Metro Atlanta Chapter to engage with the girls STEM team at Brown Middle School this week. It was super important to us to show another side of STEM as it relates to health and wellness. Red Drop wanted to  have conversations with the girls about their experiences with feminine hygiene products, what they feel is important to them in their products and honestly, what is not working well and what we can do about it.

 The stimulating STEM girls were very forthright about their needs and what they disliked. We had a chance to explain our mission and vision for girls and why their voices needed to be heard, while showing them that this is STEM! The girls really enjoyed the scientific portion of our presentation, putting our products to the test. Several different groups of girls poured varying amounts of water in our pads to test the absorbency and how they felt after they were wet. I’m happy to say, our pads exceeded their expectations.



Finally, we wanted to drive home the fact that “our” voices as a collective should be heard and honored during the creation process of products. We challenged the girls to not just be consumers, but to be “creators” and to move the idea pass just a dream. Make it a reality! Here at Red Drop we are the voice for girls as they find their own. Watch out, as we hear them roar!