By Dana Roberts

Welcome to RedDrop!


You have probably been researching first-periods, what made us write these blogs is that we found a lot of information, but not many places to get all of the information you may need in one place. It is mind boggling to us why girls are still left to “figure things out themselves.” We think that’s not fair. We are here to help.

We have talked to men who are single dads when their daughter started their period, brothers whose parents were incapacitated either by drugs or illness when their little sister started their period, and moms who were completely unprepared when their third-grader “suddenly” started menstruating. We are here for you.

While there has been considerable innovation in period products: reusable pads, menstrual cups, organic pads and tampons, menstrual disks, etc. There still isn’t a way for dads, brothers, and other male caregivers to be a part of the story with an appropriate vocabulary and understanding of what, when, why and how.

As well, there isn’t really a place for moms to come to help start the conversation, especially if their mom didn’t have it with them, and to know about the newest products for their young daughters. The conversation needs to happen sooner (the age for first periods in America continues to get younger and younger) and what is the appropriate puberty language for a 3rd grader! And finally for girls. It’s still most comfortable to learn from your friends and same-age cousins, but how do you know that the information they’re sharing is correct? We want to help fact-check in an age appropriate and conscientious way.

This is why Red Drop was created: menstrual products created with the first-period experience in mind and in the spirit of girls. We want the first period to be the best period.

Our team draws on the expertise of women who have very light periods and women who have periods and cramps so bad that they were homeschooled. On physicians and writers and marketers and teachers. Our hope is to both provide you with the products to serve girls and the information to serve them and their support systems to make the most comfortable first-periods and subsequent periods.

We believe that if we can change this experience we can change the world.

happy reading!

Monica (first period 17)


Dana (first period )