JUNE 14, 2022

You buy clothes & shoes sized for her, why wouldn't you choose tween sized pads?

It seems like a no-brainer to us that tweens should have pads that are designed especially for them. At RedDrop not only are the pads the right size, but we know that girls only have a couple of bathroom breaks, so absorbency is important too. We also know the biggest part of preparation happens at home, but in 2021 periods are starting younger than ever and those first conversations are tough.

So: Mom and Dad, we have the best ice breakers and conversation starters that we deliver directly to your inbox. RedDrop is here to build the confidence within each young girl by being there as a support as she enters into womanhood. We’re here to help her and YOU navigate those transitions, empowering her as she grabs hold of life.

RedDrop is a company formed by a team of doctors and educators who understand that building up the next generation of strong women is vital to creating the social change that will improve our future.

We’re Thrilled To introduce You RedDrop.

When we say we stand for every woman, we’re speaking from the heart. RedDrop is here to help overcome the issues that would shake a girl’s confidence, so she doesn’t spend a lifetime battling herself. We challenge the stigmas of menstruation with products and education, putting the biological and emotional transitions associated with puberty into the proper perspective.

"I ordered the kit to make my daughter feel prepared for her first period. I liked that it was simple yet complete. The different types of pads make her feel confident that she is prepared."

- Carrie Simpson

Why Is Size Important?

When RedDrop customers speak, we listen.

Since our launch, we have heard from moms and girls about how much more comfortable our thinner smaller pads were. Girls told us they like a pad that they can feel comfortable wearing under their favorite leggings.

They just had one request: make sure that I don't have accidents!

We’re proud to serve tweens and give them an option made just for them.

"My daughter is 11 and just started her period, she is also special needs. She got her period at school and was not prepared and was afraid to tell the teacher. I bought her this kit so she's always ready!" 

- Wyatt

Periods Change Everyday

A period typically starts heavy and ends light, so we put many absorbencies in one pack.

Try them all in our Period pack, and then when you're ready refill and restock. No obligations with subscriptions or auto-refills.

We care for the girl inside every woman. We instill trust that prepares the girls for the road ahead. We challenge the stigmas that challenge women. We make an impact that empowers generations.

"I was a little worried about using a new brand, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pads, they fit so much better than the ones at the store and there is absolutely no smell."

- Ellie

More Than Pads, A Movement!

With heart, we champion change — saying what needs to be said, going where we must and taking action. Speaking out from the heart empowers us to bring a voice to those who have yet to find their own, and those who may feel they have been silenced. 

RedDrop is creating a movement to alleviate the humiliating circumstances surrounding the first period by making products that tend to the needs of every girl and the livelihoods of every woman.