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Holiday Harmony Bundle: Embrace the Season with Comfort, Confidence, and Calm!

This holiday season, we've curated the perfect blend of comfort and care for a festive experience like no other. Introducing our Holiday Harmony Bundle – a thoughtful combination of period essentials, stress relief, and empowering knowledge.

🎄 What's Inside:

1. Comfort Beyond Compare:
Indulge in the luxury of our ultra-soft period underwear – a perfect fusion of style and functionality. Designed for maximum comfort and durability, these undies are your tween's cozy companion throughout the season.

2. Festive Flair with Discretion:
Our individually wrapped pads add an extra layer of comfort to your holiday cheer. Unwrap the joy of staying protected and confident, no matter where the festivities take you.

3. Stress Ball for Instant Calm:
Feel the stress of the season melt away with our exclusive Eunice the Uterus shaped stress ball. Squeeze, release, and your tween will rediscover their calm amidst the holiday hustle.

4. "Growing Up Powerful" Guide:
Included in this bundle is our empowering book about puberty, "Growing Up Powerful." Packed with valuable insights, tips, and real stories, it's the perfect guide to help young minds navigate the transformative journey into adolescence with confidence and grace.

🌟 Why Choose Our Bundle?

- Holiday-Ready Designs: Our period underwear boasts a festive new bright red that add a touch of joy to your tween's underwear drawer.

- Stress-Free Periods: Say goodbye to leaks and discomfort. Our high-quality pads and underwear work together seamlessly to keep you feeling confident all day, every day.

- Complete Wellness:*From comfort and protection to stress relief and empowerment, this bundle covers all bases for a harmonious holiday season.

🎁 Limited-Edition Offer:
Order your Holiday Harmony Bundle now and enjoy a special holiday discount. 'Tis the season for comfort, confidence, and calm!

🚚 Ships Fast:
We know you want your holiday essentials ASAP. Enjoy fast shipping on this exclusive bundle, delivered straight to your doorstep. Shipping on our holiday bundles begins 11/27.

This holiday season, treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate gift of holiday harmony. Unwrap joy, confidence, and calm – order our Holiday Harmony Bundle today!



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What’s inside?


Growing-Up Powerful Book


Pair of Red Period Underwear


Period Tracker and Sticker set


Beaded bracelet


Eunice the Uterus shaped Stress Ball


Size 1 IRL Kit (includes 3 pads and 2 wipes)