Period underwear for tweens & teens.

Our Period Panties easily hold up to 4 tampons of flow

Period Proof

RedDrop period underwear is super absorbent and can hold up to 4 tampons of flow.

Made For Tweens And Teens

RedDrop period underwear 3 pack comes with a huge variety of size options to fit every tween.

Stretchy And Comfy

High rise, full coverage panties with dry tech mesh and a 4x cotton gusset layer.

Why choose RedDrop?

RedDrop period panties are designed for tweens and only tweens. They absorb their irregular flow, control odor, wick moisture, and prevent leaks and stains - so they feel fresh, dry, and most importantly comfy all day long!

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(Q) Are RedDrop period panties machine washable?

(A) Machine wash on cold, no bleach. Low tumble or hang dry.

(Q) What size panties do you sell?

(A) XXS - equivalent to a girls size 8/10; XS - equivalent to a girls size 10/12; S - equivalent to a girls size 12/14; M - equivalent to a girls size 14; L - equivalent to a girls size 16; XL - equivalent to a girls size 18; XXL - equivalent to a juniors XL-XXL

Thousands of happy customers

RedDrop isn’t just a brand - it’s a movement!

Very Thoughtful

My 8 year old was devastated when one of her friends started her period in school. I would hate for that to happen to her and she not be prepared. She was so excited when I gave her these panties and the Period Kit, expecially the extra pad to give to a friend if that happened again.

Regina Foster

Verified customer

This Helped My Daughter Feel More Confident

My daughter hasn’t started her period yet, but I got her these Period Panties to help her feel ready for when it does happen. She is a person who needs more information about everything to feel like she is ready, so this was the perfect way to help ease the anxiety that comes with so much of puberty. She is also proud that if one of her friends starts their period, she will be ready to help them out. We are very happy with RedDrop!

Amanda Davis

Verified customer

Prep Success

I ordered these panties to make my daughter feel prepared for her first period. I liked that they were simple yet efficient. The fact that she can count on them makes her feel confident that she is prepared. The packaging is small and discreet and perfect for school. The panties were a hit!

Carrie Simpson

Verified customer

I Am That Mom! :)

  • Did I watch “Turning Red” with tears running down my face? Yes, I did. Did I panic when “Aunt Flo” came to visit someone in my care when I was now the adult in the room? Externally, no. Internally, the only image popping into my head was the Mom grabbing Tylenol, a heating pad, and every type of menstrual sanitary item within reach.

  • Red Drop not only gave us the needed items but also sent them in discreet packaging, with no visible blaring red alarms in this place. No way! The zippered carry pouch is the right size for a backpack and fits small hands.

  • Thank you, Red Drop, for your excellent products, fantastic customer service, and mission to empower and normalize a difficult time in life.

Whitney Creath

Verified customer

Perfection In A Pouch

I bought this for my 10 y.o. to have at school this year in prep for when her cycle first starts. What a wonderful product keeping the younger ladies in mind for feminine hygiene products. These are the perfect size! We practiced how to use them and what to do if her period starts while she is at school. We made a kit for school and a kit for her dance bag, and have the rest at home so she should be covered! Thanks again for this amazing product! It really is Perfection in a Pouch for Periods!

Juliana R.

Verified customer

Perfect Size For 9 1/2 Year Old

I got my period at 10 years old, so when my daughter got hers at 9 1/2 it was no surprise. She was mentally prepared. And then we went to the store to buy pads…even the teen size was way too big (think nighttime pad size for for an adult). When we turned to panties - nothing to find as well. Red drops are absolutely perfect and my daughter feels confident that she has the products she needs to be prepared at all times. Thank you for making a product that fits!

Marietta Vargas

Verified customer

Peace Of Mind

I bought these panties from an ad on Facebook and I’m so glad that I did. My daughter feels so much more prepared for when her time comes and won’t have the embarrassment of having to tell her teacher and the secretary and then the school nurse about it. She can discretely take her bag to the bathroom and no one else needs to know. She is also very petite and loves that these are sized for her. Thank you, Red Drop!

Michelle M

Verified customer

Fast Shipping And Exactly What I Ordered

I purchased this for my coming-of-age daughter as a way for her to be prepared for her first menses. The purse was the perfect size for her backpack and very discreet. I am glad I made this purchase as it was a quick way to get an all-in-one necessity. The shipping was next day, thank you.


Verified customer

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