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RedDrop cares for tweens. From the inside, out.

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Meet The RedDrop Period Panties

The Only Tween Specialized Underwear On The Internet


Period Underwear Features

The Only Tween Specialized Underwear On The Internet

Discreetly Packaged

Packaging that’s cute, discreet & easy to carry around.

Leak Proof Materials

Materials that guarantee long-term absorption for school days.

Sized Exclusive Tweens

Our products are sized for tweensonly - it fits their bodies.

3 Pairs In One Pack

Every RedDrop underwear pack includes three pairs of panties for your tween.

Super Absorbent

Less worry for your tween when their first period starts - she's sure to be safe & comfy.

Fully Chemical-Free

No bleach, fragrances, alcohol or chemicals of any kind.


Your Tween Deserves More Comfort During Periods.

No one’s really ready for their first period. Especially young girls that don’t have the necessary products available to them.

Not only are they confused, scared and clueless about what’s happening to them, but they’re also forced to hide it from the world and pretend that everything is okay.

Well, no more. We’re here to empower young girls with information and products for them and only them.


RedDrop Is Here For You Both.

All of our products are made and sized with an active, middle school tween in mind.

We take care of her comfort with different sizing, we leak-proof the pads for longer school days & we empower with clear, easy instructions on entering womanhood.

Getting your period is nothing to be scared or ashamed of. It’s a rite of package that simply requires some information & the right supplies!


Why Reddrop Does It Better.

Your tween is our first priority.

No More Emergency Runs To The Restroom

Our panties are designed to be safe, clean, comfortable, and lasting throughout the school day

Completely Chemical Free

You will NOT find any chemicals, bleach, added fragrances or other harmful chemicals in RedDrop products.

We Put The Tweens First

We are committed to giving families the best products, the best price & the best in class customer service.




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Designed with love, from ATL.

Every RedDrop product is designed with the school age tween in mind, the tweens we grew up with in Atlanta, GA. A tween with an active mind, body, and spirit. A tween who’s focused on class work, practice, homework, family, and fun. We create for a tween on a mission.