Don’t leave your kid behind!

Set her up with tween-sized pads to enter womanhood shining with confidence.


Even Walmart is too small to have pads for your tween.

And this is the biggest loophole in the women’s health industry. Why so? It’s just unprofitable for the big corporation to even consider tween pads.

Think about it… How many grown-up women are there in the USA? Now compare that number to the population of 9-13-year-old girls. The difference is crazy.

And just because of that, our most loved ones have to feel uncomfortable every single month…

Moms are talking…

“I wish I had THIS during my first period.”

This kit contains everything a girl needs for the moment her cycle begins. We’ll ship the following pieces directly to your door, packaged and ready to help your tween avoid any stressful or even traumatizing incidents:

30 Everyday Pads

for daily use

14 FlowDay Pads

for heavy flow days

14 FlowNight Pads

for a comfortable night’s sleep

12 Feminine Wipes

individually wrapped for easy carry

1 Hand Bag

to discreetly carry it all

1 Special Gift

just for her

No more stress about sizes or absorbency levels. We’ve got you covered with all kinds of pads that are light yet super absorbent, keeping your tween protected from leaks through long school days, and active PE classes while ensuring comfy nights.

93% of RedDrop users say their friends also want to try our solution once they see it.


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Trusted by 50,000+ tweens

No more shrugging off “Ahh, she’ll grow into them”. Your tween girl spends up to 2 years (or 18,000 hours) on her period before turning 18… And she absolutely deserves to avoid those embarrassing situations of unexpected leaks that could seriously knock her confidence and leave her battling with self-esteem issues for the rest of her life.

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Perfect size, maximum comfort.

Size matters when it comes to her comfort, freedom and participation in daily activities. We understand that poor-fitting pads can be a real hassle, compromising leak protection and holding your girl back from feeling her best. That’s why our tween-sized pads are a game-changer.

But let’s get real: it’s not just about stopping leaks. With our state-of-the-art pads, your little girl will experience the unmatched comfort and freedom to participate in sports, dance, and tackle her daily routine, without breaking a sweat.

Discretion guaranteed!

We totally get it—keeping things discreet is rule #1. That’s why at RedDrop, we’ve ensured that our period kit is all about maintaining privacy and making their lives easier. ↓

First off, the kit looks stylish, so girls don’t mind carrying it with them wherever they go (fits perfectly in a backpack).

Better yet, we’ll drop this kit straight on your doorstep, saving your tween from those awkward trips to the store to buy period stuff.

We also included a special Bathroom Pass card - a discreet way for your kiddo to give her teacher the heads up that she needs a bathroom break without having to say those words out loud.

Oh, and did we mention that it makes for a cute gift too? Instead of just handing her a regular bag of supplies, you can surprise her with this small, thoughtfully curated kit. It’s a meaningful way to show your support and let her know that you’ve got her back.

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Peace of mind

Our all-in-one period kit is the perfect solution for getting everything you need in a flash. No more last-minute rushes to the store - we’ve got you covered, even before the period starts.

Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that you and your daughter are equipped and ready for anything that comes your way.

Here’s the deal: every year, many girls find themselves caught off-guard by their first period. That’s why we provide not only the essentials but also the support and education needed to make this transition a smooth one.

Whether you’re a parent wanting to empower your daughter or a girl looking to take control of her period experience, our all-in-one kit has your back.

But how does this work?

We’veengineered these pads using a high-tech heat process that perfectly shapes the corners of the pad - just what your daughter needs at an early age. And this technology we’re using is too pricey for the big corporate companies to even consider diving into.

So yes, it’s going to fit. Perfectly.

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