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Why Choose RedDrop?

Made for All Super Girls

RedDrop cares for girls. From the inside, out.

Includes Everything you Need

No need to make any unnecessary trips to the store.

Quick & Easy Delivery

Free domestic shipping.

our customers come first

We offer a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee on all purchases!

RedDrop's Everyday Pad is perfect for period "beginners"

We prepare your daughter and you no matter when her period starts. You and she have everything you need. No need to scramble. No need to "make do" with products made for mom. We got you.

Our EveryDay Pad is so thin it goes unnoticed, but as absorbent as a tampon.

What others are saying

“It's nice to know that there are caring people behind such everyday products as pads.”

Katie, Mom of 3

“I was a little worried about using a new brand, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pads, they fit so much better than the ones at the store and there is absolutely no smell.”


“Great product. Good quality. Fast delivery and nice customer service.”


"I wasn't expecting for the Code Red Kit to be so handy. It's cute and discreet and it has everything I need and it fits easily almost everywhere: my dad's, my backpack, my dance bag.”


This is a must buy for parent/guardian of elementary or middle school girls. RedDrop pads are the perfect size for younger girls, unlike the pads at the store.


“I feel like I know Dana, from watching the Sunday Empower Her talks to the RedDrop Minutes on FB. I know she means what she says. Y'all really tell it straight. We have to take care of our girls!”

Barbara, mom of 1

RedDrop Has You Covered