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6 Reasons You Should Get Period Pads Specially Created For Your Tween

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17/11/2022, By Dana, Co-Founder of RedDrop

Note: After reading this, you’ll never choose drug store pads for your tween again.

Your daughter spends up to 7 days a month, which amounts to 84 days a year, on her period, so there’s no way that she should spend those days feeling insecure and uncomfortable.

It seems like a no-brainer to us that tweens should have pads that are designed especially for them. At RedDrop, not only are the pads the right size, but we know that girls only have a couple of bathroom breaks, so absorbency is important too. And that’s not even the half of it.

We have compiled the top 6 reasons why you should get your daughter new, properly sized pads today and provide her with a more comfortable and happier life.

1. Oversized Pads Cause Discomfort

You buy clothes & shoes sized for her, so why should she suffer through oversized pads made for women? Most of the tween sized pads in the industry are oversized, even though they are marketed for 12-14 year old girls!

In our opinion, no tween should have to sit through class, PE, or even recess while feeling uncomfortable. She should be able to move around easily and freely, which can easily be accomplished with RedDrop!

2. Average Pads Are Not Absorbent Enough

Remember when you were in middle school, and how hard it was to get out of class? We at RedDrop know that girls usually have only a couple of bathroom breaks during the school day, so we’ve designed our pads to be safe, clean and comfortable, so they have the best possible level of absorbency.

And with our Period Kit, there is no need to select a size or level of absorbency. We pack each option she’ll need, so she’s ready for whatever life throws at you both.

3. Everything You & Your Tween Need In One Single Kit

In our kit you will find 58 different pads that you can choose and alternate between according to your tween’s flow, 12 individually wrapped sanitary wipes, a cute hand bag that she can always carry in her backpack & even more special gifts!

Get your Period Kit and forget emergency trips to the store for good.

4. Cute & Discreet Packaging So She Feels Safe & Secure

RedDrop specializes in cute and discreet packaging for every single one of our products, which shows your tween that there is nothing to be ashamed of when you get your first period!

5. More Than Pads, A Movement!

With heart, we champion change — saying what needs to be said, going where we must and taking action. Speaking out from the heart empowers us to bring a voice to those who have yet to find their own, and those who may feel they have been silenced. RedDrop is creating a movement to alleviate the humiliating circumstances surrounding the first period by making products that tend to the needs of every girl and the livelihoods of every woman.

6. Reddrop Guarantees 100% Customer Satisfaction & A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The RedDrop Period Kit contains everything a girl needs for the moment her cycle begins. We’ll ship everything she needs directly to your door, packaged to remind her that she’s special.

EDITOR’S NOTE: RedDrop supplies are limited, as they are only recently back-in-stock!

Update: CURRENTLY LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE, Try The Period Kit today before it sells out… again!

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What’s Inside The Period Kit?

1. 30 Everyday Pads - for daily use.
2. 14 FlowDay Pads - for heavy flow days.
3. 14 FlowNight Pads - for comfortable nights.
4. 12 Feminine Wipes - individually wrapped.
5. 1 HandBag - to discreetly carry it all.
6. 1 Bathroom Pass - for notifying teachers.
7. 1 Special Gift - just for her.
8. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - for you and your tween.

All Users Love RedDrop

Very Thoughtful Box

My 8 year old was devastated when one of her friends started her period in school. I would hate for that to happen to her and she not be prepared. She was so excited by all the things she received in this box, expecially the extra pad to give to a friend if that happened again.

Regina Foster


This Helped My Daughter Feel More Confident

My daughter hasn’t started her period yet, but I got her the Period Pack to help her feel ready for when it does happen. She loved opening the bag and checking out all the items. She is a person who needs more information about everything to feel like she is ready, so this was the perfect way to help ease the anxiety that comes with so much of puberty. She especially loved the Bathroom Pass card so she won’t have to say any words that might embarrass her! She is also proud that if one of her friends starts their period, she will be ready to help them out. We are very happy with RedDrop!

Amanda Davis


Prep Success

I ordered the kit to make my daughter feel prepared for her first period. I liked that it was simple yet complete. The different types of pads and quantities make her feel confident that she is prepared. The bag is small and discreet and perfect for school. The kit was a hit!

Carrie Simpson


I Am That Mom! :)

  • Did I watch “Turning Red” with tears running down my face? Yes, I did. Did I panic when “Aunt Flo” came to visit someone in my care when I was now the adult in the room? Externally, no. Internally, the only image popping into my head was the Mom grabbing Tylenol, a heating pad, and every type of menstrual sanitary item within reach.

  • Red Drop not only gave us the needed items but also sent them in discreet packaging, with no visible blaring red alarms in this place. No way! The zippered carry pouch is the right size for a backpack and fits small hands.

  • Thank you, Red Drop, for your excellent products, fantastic customer service, and mission to empower and normalize a difficult time in life.

Whitney Creath


Perfection In A Pouch

I bought this for my 10 y.o. to have at school this year in prep for when her cycle first starts. What a wonderful product keeping the younger ladies in mind for feminine hygiene products. These are the perfect size! We practiced how to use them and what to do if her period starts while she is at school. We made a kit for school and a kit for her dance bag, and have the rest at home so she should be covered! Thanks again for this amazing product! It really is Perfection in a Pouch for Periods!

Juliana R.


Perfect Size For 9 1/2 Year Old

I got my period at 10 years old, so when my daughter got hers at 9 1/2 it was no surprise. She was mentally prepared. And then we went to the store to buy pads…even the teen size was way too big (think nighttime pad size for for an adult). Red drops are absolutely perfect and my daughter feels confident that she has the products she needs to be prepared at all times. Thank you for making a pad that fits!

Marietta Vargas


Peace Of Mind

I bought this kit from an ad on Facebook and I’m so glad that I did. My daughter feels so much more prepared for when her time comes and won’t have the embarrassment of having to tell her teacher and the secretary and then the school nurse about it. She can discretely take her bag to the bathroom and no one else needs to know. She is also very petite and loves that these are sized for her. Thank you, Red Drop!

Michelle M


Fast Shipping And Exactly What I Ordered

I purchased this for my coming-of-age daughter as a way for her to be prepared for her first menses. The purse was the perfect size for her backpack and the colors were cute. I am glad I made this purchase as it was a quick way to get an all-in-one necessity. The shipping was next day, thank you.


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