FlowDay Pads



Our products are made for when a girl first starts her period. Designed with her in mind, our junior-sized pads fit her body, and are made to be thin and very sticky so they stay in place throughout her active day.

Our FlowDay Pads are made for her to wear throughout the school day. One pack features 14 odor wicking and super absorbent pads, with each pad absorbing at least 6 teaspoons of flow for days when bathroom breaks are at a premium.

What’s inside?


FlowDay Pads for heavy flow days

Made For All Super Tweens

RedDrop cares for tweens. From the inside, out.

Includes Everything You Need

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Why Choose RedDrop?

Products designed & sized especially for tweens

Functional products that keep you both prepared for everything

No bleach, fragrances, alcohol or chemicals of any kind

Materials that guarantee long-term absorption for school

Beautifully and individually packaged products

Let's Compare

vs Other pads

Sized specially for tweens

Sized for all women

Chemical, fragrance & alcohol-free

Full of chemicals

Trustworthy absorption to limit bathroom breaks

Limited absorption that only lasts a short time

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Christie Hanson
Amazon not just for teens

I tried red drop for my 2 teenagers and they absolutely loved them! Like many we have tried many other teen brands and these have been preferred over the ones you buy in the stores. The fit right not noticeable since my girls were legging all the time.

I have even tried them and will continue to as well

Mimosa Hines
Perfect fit

I bought so many different brands of pads trying to get one comfortable enough for my kid. These are the first ones I could find that were slim and had wings, and it has made ALL the difference. Wish they were cheaper though.

Great product

My daughter is very petite and all of the tween pads in stores were uncomfortable for her. She would complain everyday that she had to wear them. Since day one she hasn’t complained about the RedDrop pads. She loves them! She really likes the little black bag too. She keeps it stocked with an extra set of underwear and in her backpack just in case.

Perfect fit

Perfect size for a 10 year old that just started. There is nothing comparable at the stores.

It's great for the young pre-teen.

I was so happy to find one that didn't feel uncomfortable to her. It easily took the ounce of water i tested on it for absorbency