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Festive Empowerment Bundle: Redefine the Holidays with Comfort and Confidence!

Wrap yourself in the spirit of the season with our exclusive Festive Empowerment Bundle. This delightful duo pairs a vibrant pair of red period underwear with a cute beaded bracelet carrying an empowering message – a celebration of joy, confidence, and self-love.

🎄 What's Inside:

1. Festive Red Period Underwear:
Make a bold statement this holiday season with our fun red period underwear. Designed for comfort and confidence, these undies let your tween embrace the festivities with style.

2. Empowering Beaded Bracelet:
Your tween will love our adorable beaded bracelet, featuring words of empowerment. Carry the message of strength, resilience, and self-love wherever you go.

🌟 Why Choose Our Bundle?

- Vibrant Confidence: Our red period underwear is not just comfortable; it's a festive fashion statement that radiates confidence and joy.

- Empowering Accessories: The beaded bracelet serves as a constant reminder for your tween of her strength and resilience. She can wear it as a symbol of self-love during the holiday hustle.

- Thoughtful Gift: Spread the holiday cheer by gifting this empowering bundle to your tween or someone special. It's a perfect reminder that they're strong, beautiful, and deserving of comfort.

🎁 Limited-Edition Offer:
Order your Festive Empowerment Bundle now and enjoy a special holiday discount. Redefine the holidays with a touch of style, confidence, and self-love!

🚚 Ships Fast:
We know you want your festive essentials ASAP. Enjoy fast shipping on this exclusive bundle, delivered straight to your doorstep.

This holiday season, embrace the joy of comfort and confidence. Unwrap the spirit of empowerment – order our Festive Empowerment Bundle today!

• Unique tightly woven waterproof outer layer of the gusset
• Can hold up to 4 light tampons of flow
• Dry-Tech Mesh / Cotton Gusset 4x Layer
• 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
• Fit: For a more secure fit, we suggest sizing down.
• Machine wash on cold, no bleach. Low tumble or hang dry.

SIZE CHART: please watch the video for accurate sizing

What’s inside?


Pair of Red Period Underwear


Beaded bracelet