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Holiday Radiance Bundle: Glow Through the Season with Confidence and Preparedness!

Celebrate the holidays with our exclusive Holiday Radiance Bundle, a perfect fusion of style, empowerment, and period preparedness. This bundle features our signature IRL Kit for seamless period preparation and a cute beaded bracelet with an empowering message – a radiant combination for a confident holiday season.

🎄 What's Inside:

1. IRL Kit - Your Period Preparedness Companion:
Introducing our IRL (In Real Life) Kit, a thoughtfully curated set to keep your tween prepared and confident during your period. Complete with individually wrapped pads, a lightweight pouch, and essential tips, this kit ensures you're ready for anything the season throws your way.

2. Empowering Beaded Bracelet:
Let your tween adorn her wrist with our stylish beaded bracelet, featuring a message that radiates empowerment. She will wear it proudly as a reminder of her strength, resilience, and the confidence to conquer any day.

🌟 Why Choose Our Bundle?

- Seamless Period Prep: The IRL Kit is designed for real-life moments, discreetly tucked into your bag for on-the-go confidence.

- Empowering Accessories: The beaded bracelet adds a touch of style and serves as a wearable affirmation of your inner strength.

- Confidence in Every Step: This bundle is not just about products; it's a celebration of your resilience and the confidence to shine bright, even during your period.

🎁 Limited-Edition Offer:
Order your Holiday Radiance Bundle now and enjoy a special holiday discount. Radiate confidence and preparedness throughout the festive season!

This holiday season, embrace radiance from within. Unwrap the confidence to glow through every moment – order our Holiday Radiance Bundle today!

Also a cute sample or a nice gift pack for your Girl Scout Troop or class gift.

PRO TIP: Add a pair of panties so that she can clean-up any accident, throw away her stained underwear, and stay composed during challenging academic days and even more challenging middle school social periods.


Size 1:
great for small beginners
2 - 7" pads (FlowDay)
1 - 9.5" pad (FlowNight)
2 Hygiene Wipes

What to Expect:
these kits are shipped to your home


What’s inside?


Size 1 IRL Kit


Beaded bracelet