More exciting news!

So...we have learned how differently people approach periods based on the region of the US in which you were raised. Here in the south - we're a little more conservative. So, based on our studies upwards of 85% of girls start and stick with pads, whereas in the north waaaayyy more girls start with tampons. 

So in an effort to really learn what's important to each and every family in our wonderful country - we are partnering with groups in different areas to form focus groups and check what each of us supports and why. 

The first wonderful group to support and work with us are Katie and Kellie, owners of Plate28 in a near suburb of Chicago IL. Their workout is super cool and different and if you're close-by we DEFINITELY suggest that you check them out, you'll get an amazeballs workout in 30 minutes (right!!!). 

We will also be holding a focus group in their studio the second week of April, and we can't wait to hear what these ladies have to share. Thanks again to Katie and Kelly for this opportunity and to the universe for all of the wonderful luck and blessing that are coming our way...another great day in our little entrepreneurial world.

one of the worst possible pics of me....and Katie and Jarrod